Atlanta, USA
Glam Punk
Material Girls only come out at night. The Atlanta sextet indulge in glam and goth while
maintaining a percussive no wave edge on their new album Leather. It’s a pointed balance,
but the combination comes naturally for these gutter dwelling creatures who cut their teeth
on the sweaty Atlanta nightlife, and is enough to summon the ghosts of CBGB and Andy
Warhol. The 8 song record explodes with post-modern sleaze and over the course of 30
minutes, the band ride a wave of malaise towards a decrepit paradise.
After a promising 4 song EP and a year spent touring, including a few dates supporting the B-
52s’ Cindy Wilson, the gang is sharper than ever thanks to the addition of guitarist Robbie
Rapp (Muuy Biien) and bassist Meghan Dowlen. The Siouxsie-inspired shrieks of Dowlen are
a particularly sharp dagger in the Material Girls arsenal, which alternates between squalling
psychedelia and apocalyptic post-punk. Echoes of Richard Hell and Pere Ubu flow through
nihilistic lyrics, uncaged performances, and inventive riffs.
Leather is a study in contrasts, an illustration of Material Girls ability to deconstruct the
tired tropes of punk while pushing DIY music to new heights of zoned in, drugged out chaos.
On the surface, this experiment is artistic and abstract, but the visceral energy of Material
Girls leaves no room for hazy intellectualism. They vomit on expectation with makeup
smeared faces, toying with desire, and keeping the listener tied up in Leather. Out July 2nd
via Irrelevant Music (US) & Exag’s Records (EU).
May 9, 2019 1:00 am Bovine Sex Club, Thursday May 9th