Born out of an exploration of combining and colliding cultures and ideas, Mas Aya is the solo project of Toronto-based percussionist Brandon Miguel Valdivia (Not the Wind, Not the Flag, Lido Pimienta, Above Top Secret). Mas Aya takes his inspiration from the daily battle scene of present day society where the Some profit from the suffering of the Many, where water, air and land are viewed as commodities to be profited from, and where ancient traditions and teachings are threatened and endangered.
Mas Aya is a lively and powerful percussion, flute and voice stage show, inviting communities to cast off the shroud of commodity-based living to empower themselves and each other through music, meditation, dance and celebration. He has performed at venues around Ontario, Quebec and in Bogotá, Colombia and has appeared at the Electric Eclectics Festival, the Emergents Series at the Harbourfront Centre, the X-Avant Festival in Toronto, the Vapours Series in Kingston and completed a residency at Mayhem in Copenhagen, Denmark. Mas Aya has two releases: “Pockets”, released in 2012 on Manufacture Errata/Tomaturj and “Kairos”, released in 2013 on Healing Power Records. The newest release “Nikan” is a carefully crafted album using a diverse number of live instruments and electronics. He worked closely with producer/engineer Josh Cole with special guests Colin Fisher, Melody McKiver and Lido Pimienta and mastered by Sandro Perri.
May 8, 2019 7:30 pm MIIM Futuro Libre Uma Nota Presents at Lula Lounge, Wednesday May 8th