Art Pop
Combining the shape-shifting musicianship of the 80s, the mysticism of the 70s, and the fiery electric blues guitar work of the 60s, as well as many other more modern influences, Marcus Alan Ward creates a portal into the musical golden eras of the past while bravely forging ahead into the future.The self taught multi-instrumentalist and Cleveland, Ohio native spent his middle and high school days in and out of bands, later discovering and being exposed to jazz, soul, hip hop, electronic music, and more obscure sounds in college. After releasing a pair of EPs under the initial Freeze-Tag moniker (2012s WLDFLWR_HNY and 2013s Eskimo) the artist released his debut full length album Last Night I Grew Tentacles via his own Long Division Recordings in August of 2014, under his own name. Ward says of the name change, It really draws distinction to the fact that Im a one man composer and that its just me, its more honest.Toying with light electronic and Alternative Soul musings on his previous releases, Ward turns his attention to Psychedelic Pop, Rock, and Funk on his latest offerings. The only child continues to pursue honest artistic expression while keeping musicianship at the forefront.
April 21, 2017 11:00 pm CMW Showcase