Montreal, QC
That a five piece hailing from three continents with four mother tongues would make such a musically diverse noise comes as no surprise –70’s tinged Québécois rock, country ballads about South American revolutionaries, drunken manouche knife-fights, canine Kosmonaut twitchy folk and whatever else the streets of Montréal throw their way.

What has surprised fans since the launch of their 2017 debut album ‘Tell Tchaïkovski The News’ is Kat And Die Kunst’s evolving exploration of the common space between styles traditionally considered mutually exclusive.

With decades of cumulative stage experience, the band’s shows across Québec and Ontario are always met with a round of shots and a return invitation. Constantly switching languages, lead singers, instruments and, sometimes, attire means that everybody leaves entertained and enthralled.

So…… an Acadian, a Québécois, a Russian, a Peruvian and a Newfoundlander walk into a studio, but the punchline is yet to be written.

May 11, 2019 7:00 pm Supermarket, Saturday May 11th