Vocal Jazz
Janie Renée is a franco-ontarian jazzwoman who blends her own brand of world jazz with Latin, Brazilian and Martinique rhythms. She has been nominated in 2013 and 2015 in the Best Female artist and the Best Singer-Songwriter categories at the Trille Or Gala. Her new album aptly titled “L’Eden est un Bazar” or Eden is a Bazaar, has been released in March 2016. It lists an all-star cast of musicians, most of which figure on her first album, and Denis Normandeau (winner of a Grammy award for Zappa: Peaches in Regalia and several more Gemini’s and Juno’s) at the artistic direction. In this new album, she flirts relentlessly with Brazilian jazz, spins more humor than most could pack in a song, and blends new elements of jazz and Latin rhythms with candor and ease. This new concoction is nothing short of spectacular; it’s unconventional and fresh. To this day, Janie Renée’s music resists a definite categorization: she calls it “hybrid jazz”—and it seems to suit her just fine.

When asked why she prefers writing in French, she explains that there is an inherent challenge to marry the language to jazz syncopation in comparison to English –but she admits she writes in both languages. In the past few years she has toured the Caribbean and in Europe, and you can catch a show in Trio or in Full Band, depending on the venue and the location. She is an avid fan of cultural mediation and relishes any opportunity to create hybrid zones where new ideas can emerge between musicians of diverse backgrounds.

April 19, 2017 9:20 pm APCM Showcase