Indie Rock / Alt Folk
Inna Powell is a Toronto-based indie rock/alt-folk artist whose intense and engrossing performances contrast their anxious and soft-spoken offstage persona. While the songwriting is grounded in traditional folk arrangements, Powell fuses diverse influences – ranging from spoken word and bluegrass to hip-hop and emo – to present a unique musical soundtrack that varies from one composition to the next. Despite the shifting sound, one component remains constant: Inna Powell’s distinct, poignant vocals, which shift from quiet, warbled murmurs to intense, delivering visceral, vivid and intimate lyrics, reflecting Powell’s background in poetry. In addition to showcasing his controlled, impassioned voice, Powell’s impressive musical dexterity is on full display as he swaps between electric guitar, banjo and harmonica. Inna Powell released their debut EP, The Vanishing Act, June 10th and can be found playing shows in and around the Toronto area.
April 19, 2017 11:00 pm CMW Showcase