Love songs and heartbreak sit between songs about cannibalism, gothic novels and witchcraft as Howlite draws inspiration everywhere; from folklore and poetry to Scandinavian pop and horror movies.

Born 20,000 feet above the ocean in 2015, Howlite was just a word scribbled into a travel diary to be forgotten. That was until a year later when its author Alison Thom, who had been searching for a moniker, found the note during the recording of what would become her debut EP “Reasons”. The EP reflects Thom’s own inner demons; a conversation about the seasons of the mind and the path to redemption. Debuting at #67 on iTunes “Top Releases – Australian Alternative Chart”, her soundscape had an instant impact. Multiple tracks garnered interest and adds across both local and international radio, with a swagger of feature articles and reviews to the tune of ‘Best New Arrivals’.

Guitarist Benjamin JR Botting, keyboardist Andrew Moscatelli and drummer Paul O’Donoghue joined Thom onstage soon after the recording of “Reasons”, and the group went on to support established acts such as Conrad Keely (And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead…) and Mark Lang (Skipping Girl Vinegar).

Howlite have now begun recording their sophomore EP, pushing themselves into new territory, finding their voice in brooding pop songs, masking melancholy with euphoric arrangements. Recently released singles ’Saviour’ and ‘Gothic Romance’ have propelled the band towards mainstream attention with features from Rolling Stone Australia, Mushroom Group, and interest from Australian radio stalwart Triple J.

May 8, 2018 11:10 pm NU MUSIC NIGHT
May 12, 2018 9:00 pm CMW Showcase