Art Rock
Field Study is the sonic identity of singer/ songwriter Caleb Stull (formerly of Vancouver’s Parlour Steps). In this electro sorcery he’s joined by Molly Davis on voice and keyboards, Robb Johannes on bass, and Shawn Killaly on the drum kit.
July 2017 will see their new album, EVERY THING MOVES, released on the Nine Mine Records label, to be distributed by Universal/ Conveyor.

Field Study’s made their debut album FEVERLAND in 2013, released to critical acclaim, charting on AAA, college, and internet radio all over North America. It was Rolling Stone’s download of the day, with songs from it licensed to prime-time TV and independent films.

Field Study is on Nine Mile Records, distributed by Universal/ Conveyer (Canada), Redeye (US), and Proper (UK/ Europe)

[Caleb] can really spin a catchy pop song, filled with brainy lyrics, toe-tapping arrangements and wonderfully layered harmonies – Damn Ugly Photography
Gorgeous music wound around conscious and smart lyrical wordplay that melds together to form a perfect, almost otherworldly art form – Discorder Magazine

April 23, 2017 12:00 am CMW Showcase