Having topped Canadian radio charts and earned an international following under the name Fake Shark – Real Zombie!, this beloved Vancouver band has started anew. Now known simply as Fake Shark, the band has cultivated a dedicated fanbase with their art-punk inspired sound and unique and energizing live performances. With the release of their brand new record Faux Real in May of 2017, the band has taken to an indie pop sound, garnering them radio charting at Canadian commercial formats and a wider audience of fans with a more accessible approach to their sound. This mainstream appeal has recently been noticed in licensing opportunities with features in a North American Apple advertisement and in the Showtime original series, Dice.With this latest step in their career, they’ve learned to harness that anything-goes energy in order to deliver the catchiest songs possible. Now that they’ve killed the real zombie, Fake Shark is more alive than ever.
May 11, 2018 11:30 pm ROMES