Encore is a band on the rise. Releasing three singles in just one year, they are developing a fan base through live performances, a strong social media presence, and their ability to connect with their fans.

The band released their debut single, “Good Girls” in August 2017, just before being approached to work with Live Different, a charitable organization focused on inspiring youth in Canada through positivity. With this partnership, Encore toured from January-June of 2018 where they performed over 75 shows at various high schools across Eastern Canada. Upon completion of the tour, the band partnered with Gramophone Media Inc to promote their second, “Feeling” which landed them performance opportunities opening for other artists such as the FacePlants(seen on season 2 of CTV’s “The Launch”) Their third single, “Now It’s You,” has taken off since it’s release in October 2018, generating over 35,000 Spotify streams and gave them the opportunity to open for Toronto trio, “New City.”

Much of Encore’s success can be attributed to their tremendous social media presence. Always finding ways to communicate with their audience, keeping active on all social media and constantly updating their followers of any upcoming releases, shows, and trips has helped to ensure they are always up to date.This tradition of social media promotion has been, and still remains to be one of their key strategies for building awareness of their group.

May 10, 2019 10:30 pm Kensington Sound Showcase