Ella Mar is 25-year-old Israeli musician Hila Tako.
Her music is a haunting blend of synth-integrated alt rock, folk, and jazz that intertwines intensity and softness to create her own intricate emotional world. Her edgy, aching lyrics are delivered with a tender and soothing voice that spins darkness into gold. With the aesthetics and formal training of a jazz singer and the cynicism and demeanor of a Generation-Y-indie-musician, she deals fiercely with subjects including depression, destructive relationships, and love, caressing the listener with what feels like a beautiful wreck.

During her mandatory military service, she studied at a branch of The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music (Manhattan) in Tel Aviv Conservatory, always feeling like a bit of an alien. In a decisive break from tradition, instead of completing her bachelor studies by singing jazz classics in elegant dresses and heels, she made the decision to unleash the dark and gifted singer-songwriter she was all along.

In 2016, Ella Mar teamed up with Shahar Elisof, a talented Israeli producer whose signature ambient sounds brought new life to Ella Mar’s music. Together, they shaped her debut album, due for release in spring 2019.

May 9, 2019 9:00 pm 120 Diner, Thursday May 9th
May 11, 2019 11:00 pm Amsterdam Brewhouse, Saturday May 11th