Ebhoni was a YouTube star covering Keisha Cole and Keri Hilson but by 15 she had graduated to penning emotional R&B ballads. In 2017 17-year-old Ebhoni self-released the pop-minded critically acclaimed Mood Ring EP which gained her over 2 million Soundcloud plays + 60K Instagram followers thanks to her unique style impressive hair-twirling live show social media presence and her social conscience. Fader described her sound as “Futuristic Pop R&B” while Pigeons & Planes wrote that she pairs “traditional songwriting elements like clean R&B melodies and memorable choruses with a youthful modern approach and forward-thinking production.” Toronto producer Jacques Greene interviewed her for Gorilla Vs. Bear saying “Ebhoni is offering a breath of fresh air from the woozy sound the city we both live in is known for right now.” It was safe and it was good but it wasn’t Ebhoni. Now 18 with heartbreaks enough for a lifetime Ebhoni’s finally writing for herself singing for women calling it like she sees it from her own unique perspective. Ebhoni’s forthcoming EP showcases her growth from hurt teen to the strong woman she’s becoming. A cautionary message for the men in her sights and demonstrating growth lessons learned and the pure bond of womanhood. At times Ebhoni’s EP projects the shape of what’s to come from a generation of artists raised on SoundCloud self-releases and icy auto-tune incorporating slang specific to Eb’s world
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