Aboriginal, Folk, First Nations, Indie
Eastern Owl was born from the love of singing, laughter and good friends. Members include Stacey Howse, Jenelle Duval, Jaime O’Leary, Rebecca Sharr, Natasha Blackwood, Danielle Benoit, and Kayla Stride. Each of the members sought to deepen their connection with the traditional teachings and First Nations song and dance, and in doing so, they found themselves walking the path of Drum Carriers. They have been sharing traditional songs with the community, in cultural events, ceremonies, and various seminars and workshops for almost four years. In the past year, they have been developing their own unique sound, adding harmonies and guitar, and writing their own, folk-inspired, contemporary First Nations music. They have been performing at various concerts and festivals, and making waves in the folk scene, to aboriginal and non-aboriginal audiences alike. As well as following their musical ambitions, they have kept their commitment to the community by continuing to educate and participate in seminars, workshops, and ceremonies, making them one of the most in-demand folk groups in Newfoundland today. Eastern Owl debuted their album “Not Quite Like You” in December, 2016.
April 22, 2017 10:00 pm CMW Showcase