Double Magnum is a band from the Outaouais region composed of 3 brothers and a jazz pianist from Montreal. The Boivin brothers : Nicolas, Maxime and Alexis have been composing their lyrics and music together for close to 5 years and now have 2 studio albums in stores. Their first self-titled album features 7 songs in English reminiscent of John Mayer’s guitar solos and charming melodies as well as Billy Talent’s punk-rock intensity. On August 31st, they released the second album. Echo is a French concept album that includes 7 songs that share the same aesthetic as the first. Nicolas, the elder, is the bassist and singer of the band, Maxime is the guitarist and singer, Alexis is the drummer and also a singer, while Gabriel Thibault is the pianist. Their influences are quite broad; From blues and jazz, too Beatles rock from the ’70s to hip-hop and pop music of today. Their concerts bring the songs of their first two albums to life as well as other songs still exclusive to their live performances. They also like to do covers of songs for their crowds to sing and dance.
May 7, 2019 11:00 pm Cameron House, Tuesday May 7