Since bursting on to the Calgary scene, Double Fuzz has established itself as one of the most exciting and dynamic guitar driven bands to come out of Western Canada in a long time. Leader Jonny Whitehead is also staking his claim as a powerful songwriter, combining instantly memorable hooks with trenchant lyrics and a visceral delivery, in ways that immediately set the band apart from their indie rock contemporaries.

Jonny Fuzz recently tracked down one of his favorite producers, JT Daly (multi grammy nominated) and traveled to Nashville for a week to make a new EP. “It’s by the far the best thing I’ve made to date” said Whitehead. The reaction has the band thinking they could do some serious damage together! The new tracks truly raises the bar for the band.

With the new EP completed and in the can, all attention is now focused on putting together the live show and getting things in place for the album’s pending international release this fall. With release shows planned for February in Calgary, Vancouver and Victoria and further cross-country touring coming in 2018, Double Fuzz will soon be roaring back on to the scene with a vengeance and playing in a club near you. Don’t sleep!

May 10, 2018 9:00 pm CMW Showcase