Cquel is a conscious hip hop artist with a veteran presence wherever he performs. He has the ability to take you on an emotional ride, touching you with deep tracks, then making you want to dance on the next one; his innate ability to connect with fans and fellow artists in a live setting is unparalled. Cquel’s voice, style, and delivery has drawn comparisons to true school hip-hop veterans Brother Ali and Lord Finesse. In an era where many hip-hop artists chase the ‘new sound’, Cquel stays true to his roots and his music has what some people call an old school, or golden era type feel.

He has headlined tours across Canada, toured with some of Canada’s biggest underground rappers, and toured America multiple times with Abstract Rude of Project Blowed and Scarub of Living Legends. Cquel has hundreds of shows to his credit across 5 Canadian provinces, and numerous American states, and represents his birth place of Saskatchewan. His last two records have charted in the college radio national top 10 hip-hop charts in Canada, and he has a new record titled ‘Aud Man Out’ scheduled for release April 13th of 2017. Cquel is well on his way to captivating a much larger fan base and solidifying himself as an artist to be taken seriously in Canada and across the world.

April 22, 2017 11:20 pm CMW Showcase