Cigar Club is an alternative/indie rock band formed just north of Toronto in the town of Newmarket. With a wide variety of influences, ranging from John Mayer to Black Sabbath, it can be heard through their playing styles that Dan, Trevor, Tyler and Jeff possess a distinctive connection with one another. The result is a heavy, raw, energetic sound that can quickly turn the corner to a soft, melodic and chill feel. The same can be said about their live performances. The band has dived into the realm of pop rock, hard rock, blues rock and grunge, showcasing their eclectic musicality on their latest debut EP release. Currently, Cigar Club is working on growing their Toronto fan base as well with surrounding areas such as London, Hamilton, Kingston, Guelph and Montreal. Plans of a tour are in discussion staring in September, as works for a full length album are in development.
May 7, 2019 11:30 pm CMW Dave Bookman’s No Cover Nu Music Nite