Chris Strei is a country singer/songwriter whose style has been compared with Chris Stapleton and Bob Dylan. Chris draws on his own life experiences for inspiration in his music. With compositions influenced by blues, bluegrass and also some elements of hard rock and metal, Chris’s songs tell stories with a relatable point of view. It’s fair to say he’s not the only one who deals with these situations and themes. Since the end of 2017, Chris has come a long way in a short time: Following an opportunity to open for the Juno-nominated band The Trews in December, he embraced a philosophy that you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. In June 2018, Chris embarked on his cross-Canada BlackBird Tour from Ontario to Alberta; he accepted an opportunity to perform his song “Love You Anyhow” with Juno-nominated folk and pop singer Dayna Manning in August; and in September he cracked the Top 25 in The Shot, Canada’s Premiere Singing Competition.

In Summer 2019, Chris will release his full-length album, Moonshine. Produced with Iain McNally and featuring drums by Rick Roach, Moonshine is a collection of 10 dynamic songs that touch on various topics and styles, from the gritty, fan-favourite “Prison Bound Man,” to the sweet commitment of “Love You Anyhow,” to the date-night glow of a dashboard light on Moonshine’s title track. Chris is currently rolling out previews of the album on his blog, The Moonshine Blog on!

May 7, 2019 11:00 pm The Painted Lady, Tuesday May 7th