Toronto, ON
“This woman has serious pipes” – Adam Carter CBC Canada

Blessed with a voice that can be soft and sweet or full of power and rasp she transcends genres with ease.

“Forceful rock vocals with a great message backed by gutsy guitars and drums” – Alan Anderton 101.6FM Bradford UK

With a solid music education and a rich performance history (including at Preservation Hall and leading a brass band in New Orleans and playing regional clubs and festivals in Canada and the US) Chloe launched her solo career in 2018 performing at Toronto venues such as Roy Thomson Hall for the Women’s Blues Revue Yonge-Dundas Square and two US/Canadian tours featuring shows at Toronto’s Opera House and dates in New York Vermont and Quebec. Her current single “Stonewalling” (Aporia Records) is spinning on 200+ radio stations worldwide. Her singles are easily listenable but she eludes to something deeper. Cosmology astronomy biology and cultural diversity find their way into her lyrics. “Crystal Pistol” (Aporia Records) suggests that she has an inner activist; while “A Universe” (produced by Grammy-winning legend George Massenburg) shows a glimpse of a vulnerable lover.

“Heartwrenching blues for the 21st Century!” – Pete Hawley Tameside Radio 103.6FM UK

Informed by her experience including singing alongside notable artists such as jazz icon Jill Barber Canadian rock legend Max Webster’s Terry Watkinson (her dad) and songwriter extraordinaire Lily Frost Chloe brings her music to life on stage through bold and unapologetic performances.

May 7, 2019 11:00 pm Cherry Cola’s, Tuesday May 7th