Bratislava, SLOVAKIA
CelesteBuckingham is Slovakia based American-Swiss singer, writer, actress, and activist. A contestant of the second series of the reality show “Česko Slovenská SuperStar”at age 15, she followed suit with her debut album release ‘Don’t Look Back’ in 2012. In the same year, she was nominated for an MTV European Music Award in the Best Czech and Slovak Act category. Her song Run Run Run became a hit in many different countries and was placed in rotation on American MTV. She received the ‘Slovenský Slávik’ award for New Artist of the Year and second place as Female Artist of the Year. At age 18, she was one of the youngest judges ever in the history of the reality show ‘X Factor’. She consecutively received the TV Personality of the Year award in 2013 and 2014 in the Singer of the Year category. Soon after she was nominated for a Radio Disney Music Award and her songs ‘Crushin’ My Fairytale’ and ‘Go Away’ reached the Top 30 in the prestigious Billboard Radio Charts. In 2017 she released her fifth studio album titled ‘BARE’ and in the year 2018 she received the ‘Krištalové Krídlo’ award in the Rock Pop Jazz category and the SOZA award for the most successful author under the age of 25. She currently lives in multiple places traveling between the United States Slovakia Portugal and the Czech Republic. She is also an ambassador to numerous philanthropic causes.