Toronto, ON
Dark Pop/Acoustic
Much like his namesake from John Steinbeck’s famous novel “East of Eden,” there is a dark and fragile energy that surrounds the artistry of Cal Trask. As if something ominous was at unrest underneath the surface and the threat of it coming to light pervades the seemingly calm musical landscape. In the midst of this restrained storm, Cal Trask sings with a mesmerizing voice about internal insecurities and external convictions.

Cal Trask or Calvin Heinrichs by birth is 25 years old and currently residing in Toronto. In 2017, he released his debut album “Posthumous EP.” Far from carefree, Trask dealt with the deaths of those around him and personal struggles with mental health.

His upcoming album, Gemini God, is a raw cry for freedom from the conventions and values that dictates our lives. Even though Cal Trask is firmly rooted in the rich tradition of singer-songwriting he doesn’t shy away from incorporating contemporary influences into his music. Similar to Bon Iver, Cal uses a well-crafted song as his starting point before dressing his work in modern garbs. It’s sophisticated yet accessible, relevant yet melodic.

May 9, 2019 11:00 pm Cameron House, Thursday May 9th