Drawing on noise/drone/concretè/pop, Brigitte Bardon’t (Kristel Jax) disperses narratives and emotional states through sound, creating an effect London Fuse describes as “pop, experimental, or something wholly other… many different worlds at once, flipping through the static between people, cultures, scenes and stories.” Her recordings and live shows vary between structured pop songs, ambient compositions, radio manipulations, and her conceptual projects Infinite Poolside and Drone Therapy.
Live, Bardon’t bends markers of femininity and has been described as “aggressively vulnerable” and “crooning like Lana Del Rey while aggressively pacing the floor like Pharmakon” (MFS).
Brigitte Bardon’t has shared stages with Laurel Halo, Puce Mary, Mykki Blanco, the Nihilist Spasm Band, Egyptrixx, and Drew McDowall (Coil), and performed at Power Plant, Electric Eclectics, Long Winter, CHANNEL, and Kazoo!.
Kristel Jax works in Toronto as a writer and artist.
May 10, 2018 9:00 pm Lydia Lunch