Congo (DRC)
global dance
Bonbon Kojak is the perfect almost true story of a musical epic that began in Congo, where the latter was born. Rocked by Congolese music in his childhood, it is through the journey that Bonbon Kojak makes his first apprenticeships. He claims to have studied in Johannesburg and there, he develops a particular interest in music .

It is through the popular Moonshine underground happenings that he will be known for his ability to juggle with afro-electronic sounds. In addition to collaborating with his collective, Bonbon Kojak shared the stage with Dj Marfox, Branko, Uproot Andy and his work has been publicized in Complex, The Fader, OkayAfrica and, Pan African Music and Rinse France.

May 9, 2018 7:00 pm Lighter than air + Moonshine