Post-Punk, Art-Rock, Neu-Wave, Goth
Body Lens, the stark experimental-punk outfit from Lethbridge, is molded from five perspectives, five minds, and five varying experiences resulting in a dynamic that creates a cerebral yet ironic, a serious yet playful outcome.

With an unrelenting, heart-pounding rhythm section provided by Rebecca and Brittney, playful “jangular” guitar layering supplied by Quinn and Benny, and the ghostly-bopping voice of Brandon, each piece of their sound is precariously placed until a bigger picture emerges.

BL rejects the popular sentiment of post-punk being a “cool club” by infusing their own absurd, cheeky humor to their dark, yet playful take on the genre.

After nearly 2 years of activity, BL has played numerous shows throughout Alberta and toured to Victoria and Winnipeg to promote their furiously meticulous self-titled debut.

BL will be releasing a new EP followed by an eastbound tour in May 2019.

May 9, 2019 11:00 pm Dan Burke presents Monarch Tavern, Thursday May 9th