Toronto, ON
You can hear Toronto-based, no-wave punk outfit BLANKSCREEN from a mile away. Whether it’s Robyn Bond’s belligerent drumming, Sam Reilly’s haunting bass lines, or vocals that alternate between guitarist Evan Moore’s off-kilter spoken word and Reilly’s wailing melodies– ears will be burrowed into and held hostage from the inside. Building upon a traditional punk foundation, the threesome layer whirling synthesizers and cryptic lyricism, generating imagery that is equal parts Soylent Green and Jim Jones;

Picture Blade Runner as a prophetic vision;

Picture Lou Reed and The Microphones meeting Francis Bacon on a Toyko Bullet Train;

Picture Vonnegut and Burroughs falling through parabolic wormholes, taking Polaroids to pass the time;

The trio have quietly become favourites of the Toronto underground, conjuring sonic collages of futurism, sobering paranoia, and obvious literary aspirations. Their live performances are nonstop walls of sound and ideas–that barely leave room for applause. It is this distinct perspective that earned Blankscreen a place in Exclaim!’s Class of 2019 showcase.

With the release of EP Century and single Passing Over in 2018, Bond, Reilly, and Moore have put together a promising sound; slick and unwavering–like newsprint hot off a press at the end of the world.


May 9, 2019 8:00 pm Double Denim Showcase, Thursday May 9th