Beat Market’s story begins when Louis-Joseph Cliche and Max Bellavance meet at university. Having studied jazz, and both being impassioned about new technologies, the duo experiments in studio for nights on end, creating wild electronic jams. Influenced by french touch, house, techno, as well as a bold visual universe (retro-futurism, Katsuhiro Ōtomo, 80s sci-fi), the two musicians invent together a personal upbeat, danc-y sound both melodic and cinematographic. Their goal : to bring electronic music in a live setting where they can express themselves as true musicians. At their first gigs, Beat Market’s communicative energy becomes the talk of the town, gaining them countless local fans in the process.​ ​ In 2015, the duo starts working on their second album, inviting artists to sing on some of their tracks. That’s how Sun Machine starts to reveal itself: a savvy mix of pop melodies, powerful house beats and inventive sonorities which define the Beat Market touch. They enrol Malika and Aiza two long-time friends and talented singers in their own right, to collaborate on the entrancing Doors and See What I Mean. The band also invites Robert Perlick Molirani (leader of French Horn Rebellion) to sing on the funky, 80s-tinged Turn Your Colors On. Sun Machine finishes off in style with Atlantis, an atmospheric, timeless track featuring A.Pigeon. Beat Market releases Red Magic in 2012, a first album nominated for many musical awards in Canada. Unanimously, medias talk about the potential of the record, saying how Beat Market might have invented their own style, the ‘french Canadian touch’. They also mention how the duo is both entertaining and original, offering a solid live performance full of rock energy and electronic grooves. In 2014, after a tour and a couple remixes, the duo sign with the Montreal-based imprint Lisbon Lux Records. At this point, the European market is starting to take notice of the long-haired electro-rockers, inviting them to play festivals on their ground. Whether it is with flashy costumes, or simply wearing leather jackets, Beat Market charms audiences in every city they perform in, including New York, where they meet like-minded artist French Horn Rebellion. On Beat Market’s indie hit Sun Machine, we can hear the words « organic – electronic », which defines their mission well: to play modern electronic music with an authentic and very human energy
April 20, 2017 10:00 pm Lisbon Lux & Ride The Tempo