London, Ontario’s Basic White launched themselves onto the music scene with a strong collection of original songs and a powerhouse stage show that is drawing in legions of fans looking for that rare blend of authenticity, passion, and a commitment to high caliber songwriting that makes for truly memorable listening experiences.

The band, comprised of founder/guitarist/songwriter Riley White, guitarist Sandro Di Stefano and drummer Jordan Wallace (with two additional when they play live) released its debut 10-song, full-length album, “The Second Half”, on February 22, 2019.

For what is essentially their introduction to a wider rock and roll world, Basic White has crafted a collection of songs that have appeal across a broad spectrum of music lovers. There are enough rockin’ riffs, and examples superlative musicianship to appeal to the ardent rocker, but the hook-laden choruses, close quarter harmonies and insistently memorable melodies can’t but help to fire up those with more straightforward pop sensibilities. At the same time, the deft turns of phrase and real-life authenticity and sincerity of the lyrics can draft in those for whom the words and meaning of a song are paramount.

May 11, 2019 2:00 am APA Presents -Danko Jones at The Horseshoe, Saturday May 11th