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“There’s a sort of chaotic magnetism surrounding Bad Animal. Reminiscent of the raucous tornado of a similarly named scruffy pink muppet, the band has burst onto the Calgary music scene and excited audiences with their distinct brand of hard-hitting arena rock compressed into a bar setting.”
-BeatRoute Magazine


MEMBERS: Ben Painter, Marek Skiba, Trevor Stoddart, Kyle Gritchen Danny Trevena
SOUNDS LIKE: Arctic Monkeys, Cage The Elephant, Napalmpom

Bad Animal is one of Calgary’s hottest up-and-coming acts, whose action packed, party-hard stage show sweeps audiences into a frenzied, beer-covered mosh pit of mirth and madness. If you’re having a bad day, or are unsure of whether or not you should go out, Bad Animal will blow apart any reservations and have you dancing your ass off within a few bars of their opening tracks.
While currently supporting their first album, Tonight(2016), the band has already developed a signature sound that translates well into almost any lineup. The band has shared the stage with Blink-182, The Used, Mother Mother, Double Fuzz, JPNSGRLS and more. If you’re thinking this is quite a mix of genres and styles, you would be correct. The truth is, Bad Animal’s style is chameleonic enough to add a splash of colour and electricity regardless of the setting. This exciting variation has resulted in them packing and selling out events all over Calgary…Because audiences know these guys have one of the best stage shows around.

Bad Animal’s sound has elements of Garage Rock, Alternative, Post-punk and more, but most of all relies on blistering guitar riffs, an explosive and propulsive rhythm section, and vocalist Ben Painter’s brash and hypnotically raw vocal style.
Following their album release, the band has been building momentum with a series of video releases and bigger and better live performances. Bad Animal’s primary goal is to bring their legendary parties to the rest of Canada and eventually the world, and they are on target to do so, with their reputation growing as fast as their sonic crescendos. Stage dive into the chaotic escapades of Bad Animal, and never look back.

April 21, 2017 2:00 am CMW Showcase