Ottawa, ON
With verses like intricately worded spells spoken on beats like interrupting hypnotics, Asuquomo constructs vivid narratives, layered in emotions, messages and movements. The Nigerian born, Ottawa-based emcee returns in 2019 in the voice of Asuquomo (“Atsu-Kwomo”). His 2018 LP This That Mo was inspired by an interest in narrative film-writing and graphic novel adaptations and was the recipient of the 2018 Rick and Brune Sinneave Artist Award at the Banff Centre.

His 2019 official debut single Wide Awake is an entrancing gyration, sitting across from Hip-hop, dressed in grime.. with a music video that is instantly reminiscent of the humidity and vibrancy that rolls around in the peak of every summer, super energetic and highly engaging.
Asuquomo (formerly performing under his own name, Morris Ogbowu) is currently working on his debut EP which will be released under the moniker Asuquomo.

May 10, 2019 7:00 pm Blue Crane Agency, Afrofest and CMW Presents