Whether it’s battling insomnia or being wired on an unhealthy but legal amount of caffeine, frontwoman Anela Navarro, met guitar player Alex Hindriks, drummer Dylan Sabater and bassist Hayden Vandenbosch in an empty hallway in the early hours. Hence their name, Anela & the Early Hours.

The 4 four-piece indie pop rock band hailing from London, Ontario captures sincerity in their lyrics while masking it with exhilarating drum beats and uplifting guitar melodies that will make listeners groove to the music. Unexpected and insidious, Anela & the Early Hours’ songs are like the earworm that slinks its way into the brain and refuses to leave.

“The music industry can be unforgiving but I see good things for this group; Anela & The Early Hours are bravely throwing themselves out into the wild unknown of Canadian music and I think they may just leave a mark.” – Emily Frewin, Canadian Beats

May 9, 2019 11:00 pm Cherry Cola’s, Thursday May 9th