Toronto, ON
ALLUVIAL PLAIN is a Toronto-based acoustic band, featuring vocals, upright bass and drums. Original songs about elephants, riots, addiction, crickets, and the Anthropocene reveal influence from many genres including French chanson, folk, blues, jazz, Motown and roots. Currently the band is working on a debut EP, Of Bones and Addicts, and they are preparing a new collection of songs, “Voyage to Anthropocene: songs for a new epoch”. ALLUVIAL PLAIN is Chris Adriaanse (bass), Alejandra Ballon (vocals) Aruna Antonella Handa (lead vocals, songwriter), Caitlin Holland (vocals), Lindsay McDonald (vocals) and Raphael Roter (drums).

The CMW set includes songs from the upcoming EP, the new collection Voyage to Anthropocene, as well as other original songs. ‘Plastiglomerate’ is a tongue-in-cheek celebration of a new rock for the Anthropocene, named “plastiglomerate” by Canadian geologist Patricia Corcoran. ‘City Hotel’ documents racist violent acts and murders that took place in Ontario on the heels of Trump’s election down south. ‘Elephants’ celebrates the largest land mammal. ‘No, It Never Was About Time, Loco’ suggests time is rarely a reason for inaction but rather an excuse.

With band members fluent in free improv, opera, folk, blues and jazz idioms, as well as in other art forms like dance, theatre and poetry, ALLUVIAL PLAIN’s sound is rich like the soil on the banks of a recently flooded river.

May 9, 2019 9:00 pm 3030 Dundas, Thursday May 9