A World In Pictures is Canada’s Post-Hardcore Band !Started in January 2016 by 3 veterans of the Toronto’s music scene, after their respective bands dissolved towards the end of 2015. Oli White and Luke Taylor (Fiction Issue) approached Jay Foot (The Groovy Brothers) about starting a new band. The history between these 3 members goes back to playing numerous shows with each others bands as well as jay recording Fiction Issue’s The Get In Line EP released (January 2014)
After the first jam together it was immediately known that the sound that was born needed to be shared with the world.
A psychedelics space journey of melodies and well intricate rhythms, prophetic morrison like vocals that turn into blasting screams of doom matched with heavy hard hitting, punch chugging grooves that make it almost impossible to stand still. There has never been a band more intense than A World In Pictures.
The recent release of their Debut self titled EP A World In Pictures along with the supernovic energy of their live shows has earned A World In Pictures the respect and love of all who have experienced their music !
April 19, 2017 11:00 pm CMW Showcase