Jay-Z completes sale of Tidal to Jack Dorsey’s Square for reported $350M

Jay-Z’s deal to sell his music-streaming service Tidal to Jack Dorsey’s financial services company Square has closed, reportedly valuing Tidal at more than $435 million.

Hipgnosis Acquires 105 Songs From Grammy-Winner Andrew Watt in Eight-Figure Deal

Merck Mercuriadis calls Andrew Watt “arguably the most important writer and producer in the world today

Concord acquires 145,000 music copyrights from Downtown for around $400m

The copyrights included in the transaction were developed or acquired by Downtown over the past 14 years and bring Concord’s owned and controlled music assets to over 600,000 works.

Universal Music Group is Raising $3.5 Billion in Financing. Will A Spending Spree Follow?

Last month, MBW revealed that Universal Music Group spent a whopping €1.5 billion (approx $1.7bn) in 2020 on a combination of acquiring catalogs and paying advances to artists.

Dr. Luke’s Prescription Songs Will Pay Songwriters In Bitcoin

Dr. Luke’s Prescription Songs publishing company has announced that its songwriters will have the option of receiving their royalties in Bitcoin moving forward.

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June 6-11, 2022