The Heart Collectors

“Imagine Fleetwood Mac with more of an organic, Celtic-inflected lilt of vocals and melody and you have a rough idea of why Australia’s Heart Collectors are so instantly appealing. There is a vibrant and timeless allure to their music that is resistant to the fashion of the moment, and all the more enduring because of it. Kymrie’s voice is the stuff angel’s wings are made of.” – John T Davis, author of ‘Austin City Limits: ’25 Years Of American Music’

With the sentimentality of 70’s inspired harmonies, Australian four piece ‘Epic Folk’ band The Heart Collectors have graced stages around the world, accomplishing three international tours and releasing four studio albums. Picked as one of the ‘Top Bands To See’ at SXSW (The Austin Statesman), this independent group have found creative ways of staying connected throughout the 2020 lockdowns and the cancellation of their USA and UK tours. The Hearts released their latest album Time To Say I Love You (2020) one single a fortnight, featured on Spotify with The Guardians “Australian Music for Isolated Times” and Sounds Australia’s “Sounds Australia Selects” playlists. In September 2020, The Hearts were selected to be 1 of 12 Australian artists for the Premier Event Global Music Match – a world wide initiative to connect musicians and industry in the face of COVID-19 restrictions.

The Heart Collectors have momentum in 2021, joining Folk Alliance International for ‘Folk Unlocked’ Private Showcases, ‘ISOL-AID Unlocked’, and the ‘Artists In (Their) Residence’ programme. Now as possibilities are opening for touring in Australia again, The Hearts embarked on a Statewide tour of Tasmania this January/February to Sold Out audiences. With soaring cello, intricate guitar, sparkling mandolin, boot banging banjo, passionate strikes of a tambourine and the thundering of the bodhran, these four charismatic performers create real musical synergy, marrying progressive folk/rock sensibilities and clean classical precision.

Get ready to have your heart collected

Come watch us at our showcase:

Downtown Stage

Wednesday May 19th, 2021 @ 7:00PM
Sponsored by: CMW

Band Information

The Heart Collectors

Byron Bay
, New South Wales
, Australia


Kymrie Henge
Vocals, Bodhran, Percussion
Reuben Loire
Vocals, Guitar
Tristan Dafoe
Vocals, Banjo, Mandolin
Mobius Barnaby
Vocals, Cello, Stompbox

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Tristan Dafoe

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