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Sully Burrows

Introducing Sully Burrows, a rising talent in the world of country music hailing from Parry Sound,
Ontario. On the heels of his eighteenth birthday, Burrows’ thoughtful lyrics and soulful melodies are
capturing the hearts of country fans across Canada and beyond.
Burrows’ latest project, titled “Youth,” was released on May 3rd under the banner of Royal City
Music Group, an independent label based in Guelph, Ontario. With “Youth,” Burrows conveys a
powerful message about cherishing the present moment, drawing from personal experiences of
loss, growth, and nostalgia.
“You always think you have time,” Burrows reflects, “but things can change, and the things you love
could be gone faster than you expect. This record is about enjoying the time you have because no
matter what you do, you can’t buy back your youth.”
The EP’s title track was co-written with chart-topping country artist Owen Riegling and it happened
to be Sully’s first co-writing experience. Drawing inspiration from his upbringing in Parry Sound,
Burrows connects with listeners on a deep and meaningful level, sharing personal struggles and
moments of reflection with honesty and vulnerability.
While rooted in country music, “Youth” also embraces elements of Americana and Roots, creating a
unique blend that is sure to resonate with listeners of all ages. His musical influences include
acclaimed artists such as Riley Green, Conner Smith, and Chris Stapleton, whose storytelling
prowess has left a lasting impact on his songwriting.
“My favourite part of the process is performing,” he beams. “I love sharing my music and building off
the energy of the venue.” For Burrows, it comes back to creating memorable experiences that
resonate long after the final chord has been struck.
Burrows acknowledges the challenges of growing up and finding one’s place in the world. Yet, he
finds strength in his family, mentors, and faith, channeling life’s struggles into poignant songs that
touch the hearts of all who listen.
“I haven’t had many hardships,” Burrows admits, “but I’m sure there will be more in the future. I’ve
been told I write ‘old soul’ songs and ‘Letting You Go’ is definitely one of them. I wrote it after losing
somebody close to me and reflecting on how their spouse must wish she could see him one more
Join Sully Burrows on his musical journey and experience the heartfelt storytelling of “Youth,” now
available on all major streaming platforms. As Sully himself says, “Let’s enjoy the moment we’re in,
because it won’t ever happen again.”