Skatton Club

Skatton Club is a Ska and Rocksteady group founded 10 years ago in Montreal and led by seasoned saxophonist, songwriter, composer and performer André Désilets.
This passionate and unifying character has worked with just about everyone in different musical styles, Daniel Bélanger, Mes Aïeux and Wesli, Patrice Michaud and The Wailers are only a few!

The full sound of Montreal, culturally diverse and filled with dance!

Leaving space for the musicians’ creativity and dexterity, Skatton Club is jazzy, funky and irresistible. You will often find yourselves immersed in the charm of the 60s.
With French, English and instrumental compositions, charming and timeless, the music of Skatton Club evokes many strong images, dazzling colors and warm atmospheres. It feels like a neighborhood party as much as a magnificent ballroom chic affair.

Since the start of the pandemic, Skatton Club has worked to renew its repertoire with new compositions and intends to release new recordings in the fall of 2023.
Their latest release “Take one and a half” EP, is nourished by the best elements of their musical world, inspired, festive, bursting with energy, professional and above all very cool, Skatton Club is the band to see live!

Band Information

Skatton Club

, QC
, Canada


André Désilets
Tenor Sax / Lead Vocalist
Nemo Venda Babin
Drums / Vocals
Simon Dolan
Bass / Upright / Vocals
Bruno Rouyere
Guitars / Vocals
Alban Marechal
Keyboards / Vocals
Blaise Margail
Trombone / Vocals
Elias Danawou
Trumpet / Vocals
Yves Turgeon
Alto Sax / Vocals

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