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Sarah Jayne Riley

From the vibrant streets of Peterborough, Ontario, emerges Sarah Jayne Riley, an artist whose music blends timeless rock with contemporary indie and pop sensibilities. Born into a family with a strict no-country music policy, SJR’s youth was filled with classic rock sounds from bands like Electric Light Orchestra, Santana, and Aerosmith. Ironically, she became the family’s black sheep by developing a deep appreciation for Dolly Parton, whose talents in songwriting and business significantly influenced SJR’s path.

Despite earning degrees in marketing and human resources, the call of music was undeniable. In her late twenties, Sarah Jayne Riley fully embraced her musical path, integrating business acumen with her artistic pursuits. Now, she is a multi-award-winning songwriter, including the 2023 Songwriter of the Year at the PTBO Music Awards, and a fearless performer who thrives on stage.

Sarah Jayne’s mission is to inspire authenticity and compassion in a world often governed by fear. Her lyrics celebrate personal growth and societal reflection, encouraging listeners to embrace change and appreciate others’ journeys. With a vocal style ranging from the heartfelt sincerity of Feist to the dynamic expression of St. Vincent, her songs explore originality, self-evolution, and cultural critique.

In addition to her musical achievements, Sarah Jayne Riley is launching her fashion brand, Fashionable Disaster. This unique merch line combines thrifted fashion with modern design, each piece telling its own story. The brand reflects SJR’s commitment to sustainability and individuality, offering fans a way to express their personal style while supporting eco-friendly practices. As Sarah Jayne Riley continues to evolve as an artist and businesswoman, she crafts a legacy of empowerment and creativity both through her music and her innovative fashion line.