Paragon Cause

Paragon Cause, 2022 ECMA Rising Star and Electronic Album of the Year Awardee, continue to push through the haze filled boundaries of indie rock and electronica. From their heralded debut EP Lies Between Us, their Debut LP What We Started to their ECMA 2022 winning album, Autopilot, the Canadian Indie Rock/Electro Rock duo continue their unparalleled sense of adventure and experimentation. Originating from Cape Breton, Paragon Cause continue to challenge the conventions of indie rock and electronica, creating music that feels deeper and more emotionally complex with each listen. Bonaparte and Opthof have brought together a mix of music styles that would seem conflicting and dissonant, but they make it work. Incorporating 1980s post-punk and synthwave with jangly 1950s guitar runs, jazz piano chords and euphoric vocal performances.

The duo, known for working with frequent collaborator and indie rock icon Sune Rose Wagner of the The Raveonettes have also worked with Liam Howe, founding member of Sneaker Pimps as well as Eric Avery, original bassist and songwriter for Jane’s Addiction .

In addition to their own music, in 2022 the duo has also produced music for iconic 80’s band Berlin for their re-release of their hit single, “Take My Breath Away”

Music with depth, music that explores the complexities and contradictions of our lives, our experiences and our emotions – this is what Paragon Cause does. By enveloping these sentiments and ideas together with music that is compelling, memorable and hypnotic.

Come watch us at our showcase:

Wednesday June 7th, 2023 @

CMW Showcase @ Bar Cathedral

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Paragon Cause

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Michelle Opthof
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