Genres: Electro pop

Namelle was born in Sweden and has, at the age of 24, already played hundreds of gigs and gone to several countries to write, record and perform. Her music is described as confident and sassy electro pop. With songs that get stuck in your head and with a unique voice she captures the listeners attention. Her single “Girl in the Car” and “Got No Time” were featured at New Music Friday in Germany, South Africa and Switzerland. Like any artist with an ambition to grow she is constantly looking for new influences and collaborations to develop her sound and artistry, which makes her sound vibrant, interesting and current. Namelle shares how she looks at the creative process and songwriting:

”It’s so inspiring collaborating with other songwriters. You always learn new ways of thinking both when it comes to production and lyrics!”

Namelle was named an Ines Talent 2018 and have during 2019 performed at different showcase festivals such as Live at Heart, Midem, Westway LAB and The Alternative Escape. At the moment she’s studying at one of the best songwritings schools in Europe – “Songwriting for the International Market” in Örnsköldsvik, These kind of results is, apart from her evident talent, a testament to her determination, passion and strong love for music!

In addition to new releases, touring and the never ending creative journey to write new music, Namelle is also keeping herself busy with her devotion to fitness and entrepreneurship that is tied in with her music to make the picture complete. The striving to strengthen your body and mind to be able to find that extra drive and go that extra mile fits well with the philosophy of Namelle, who’s aiming for the main stages around the world.

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Midtown Stage

Wednesday May 19th, 2021 @ 7:00PM
Sponsored by: CMW

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, Västernorrland
, Sweden


Elin Namnieks
Mathias Jonasson
Axel Tegnered

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