Mic North

Genres: Hip Hop

Nigel ‘Michael’ Pahl aka Mic North

Mic North aka ( Kidd Kane ) was born in Winnipeg, MB, Canada. His background is Metis french and Trinidadian / Moor. His sound is shaped by his musical influences from Nas, Jay z, 2 Pac, Queen, Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, and more. His stepfather Mike Langhorne was one of the first Deejays to play hip hop in the 80s in Winnipeg they called him Dj Magic Mike. North grew up listening to whatever was on the radio at the time as it was hard to come by music growing up in the ghettos of Winnipeg, Mb. The first hip hop he ever listened to was Master P and Snoop Dogg on a walkman. North explains feeling like he was in a movie after hearing rap music. Growing up in the inner city, North had to overcome adversity time and time again. His Mother Cherly pahl bought him a karaoke machine when he was 14 and North rapped over the special delivery beat recording his songs in one take on cassette tapes.

His teenage years were plagued with misguidance and being the only son in a fatherless home led Mic to look for camaraderie elsewhere. Before long, Mic found himself involved in gang violence and soon after in jail. After his incarceration. Mic decided he had to change his life for his newborn son and himself and that is what he did. After a year of working in the steel industry well doing music, Mic was able to get his son back from the CFS system. Mic started recording music and got signed to a local record label in 2011. Since then as Kidd Kane he has released 8 solo mixtapes and 3 albums with hundreds of thousands of plays and downloads. Mic has worked with such talents as Peter Jackson, Young Noble, Twisted Insane, Goody Grace, Winnipeg Most, and more. He has done successful openings for Paul Wall, Lil Scrappy, Freddy Gibbs, Stitches, Riff Raff, Merkules, Moka only, Myka 9, Pimpton, and more.

In 2019 Mic North started his own label with legendary producer and singer Rup Monsta (RIP) and named it Jet City Records. He has since won an award for his contribution to the Hip Hop scene in Winnipeg, MB, and is currently charting on satellite radio. Mic North is working on new music and planning on a tour to promote his new singles. Join the mailing list and look out for new content from Mic North.

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Mic North

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