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Some artists craft their talent for years and years, others slowly build to perfect their technique. There are some, however, whose talent burns so bright that they have the ability to electrify the stage from an early age. Maeesha B. is a young artist with a fierce talent and rare gift.

Coming out of Ottawa, Canada, Maeesha is a singer and rapper who has turned heads with her talent since 13 years old. Singing from just six years old, Maeesha was certain she wanted a career as a professional by 11. With French heritage, Maeesha already channels a potent cocktail of influences, textures and cultures. Her voice and artistry is a tapestry of different styles, it’s exciting, fresh and full of potential.

Only in her early teens, Maeesha has already begun to make waves. Winning 3rd place in Music Jeunesse in Quebec, Canada, she has also performed at a Black History Month gala, garnering a fantastic response. With celebrity vocal coach, Shaun Royer, she’s also begun to work with a producer, Roy Hamilton, to develop her debut solo work. Not just immersed in music, Maeesha is socially conscious, giving to charities, supporting those in need and even giving out food to those less fortunate, with the support of her family. A strong belief in education and aspirations to support charities nationally & internationally, she is a young person with drive, maturity, and vision. A true artist in the making.

With aspirations of being recognised as the next breakthrough R&B Singer and rapper, Maeesha takes influence from huge stars; Beyoncé, Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj and Selena Quintanilla fill the headphones of this young creative, and their influences are already shining through. Perhaps the closest comparison comes with H.E.R, with whom audiences have already spotted similarities in vocal quality and tone. Quite a comparison for such a young performer. Crafting a unique sound, utilising a powerful, fresh R&B vocal cut through with the contemporary edge that comes with rap and pop, Maeesha is a truly exciting prospect. Already playing piano and aiming to incorporate it into her performance, this is an artist who is growing, developing, and rising. Follow the incredible trajectory of one of music’s most exciting young prospects on YouTube and Instagram, at immaeeshab. Talent like this can’t be held back for long.

Maeesha’s first single, “Nobody”, was launched in January 2021. With lyrics, “Life can be complicated, but I’m always dedicated. I don’t need your opinion, already set my mission. Live to be humble, but I’m still on that hustle…” Maeesha’s songwriting talents place her on a high level with other elite songwriters.

Maeesha’s second single, “Go to the Flow”, was released in January 2022 .With vocal coach Shaun Royer and Los Angeles producer Jonah Wei-Haus, “Go To The Flow” is an R&B pop dance hit with an early 90’s vibe..

DON’T HMU’ was released in January 2023. This new song reflects Maeesha’s desire to write and perform music that puts people in a good mood

Maeesha’s newest single “Personal” has just been released on March 31, 2023. This new single was produced in Los Angeles with Poe Leos as the producer, and it got a really nice afro-beat vibe to it!

“Personal” is a testament to Maeesha B’s growing presence in the R&B scene and her ability to deliver emotionally resonant music without compromising on quality.With her continued dedication to her craft, Maeesha B is undoubtedly an artist to watch.

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