Genres: Electro pop

Lydmor is a Danish electronic songwriter, musician and multi-artist unlike any other. Her unique skillset creates an output where everything is possible. Every work of Lydmor’s is its own, developed with an intense artistic drive.

As a producer she spans wide in constant sonic explorations; from working with real-life choir and strings, to her detailed beat-work and lush electronic landscapes. Live, she performs alone in a distinctive mix between DJ’ing, performing and singing, covered in neon-reactive body paint that rhythmically transforms her into something resembling a cyborg from space.

In her creative spirit, Lydmor constantly explores new avenues in her artistic domain, and following her work brings with it an eternal unpredictability. You will find her working with all kinds of projects that combines music with other arts, e.g., composing the scores for movies, TV-shows and theatrical plays or co-producing a dance performance, participating as one of the dancers herself.

This year, Lydmor is taking part in a number of cross-aesthetic productions, alongside the release of her fourth studio album Capacity.

Being a peculiar musician and artist, Lydmor is also a feminist, a fighter for women’s rights and for equality in the music industry. She stands up to sexism and tries to redefine the general mindset that sexually objectifies female artists – e.g., by taking part in the public debate on feminism and through her weekly show on National Radio (DR).

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Downtown Stage

Wednesday May 19th, 2021 @ 7:00PM
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