Genres: Electro pop

KYLA and Johannesburg DJ and record producer, SA5H, came together and collaborated on
their first hit single called “Burn It Up”. “Burn It Up” is a fusion of KLA’s soulful, poignant
lyrics and sensational vocal talent that meets SA5H’s feel-.-good house beats, which when
brought together, creates a tempered but still heart-pumping club beat speckled with
synths and reverb that will appeal to anyone on the dance floor and beyond. Gaining high
praise from radio, DJs, and fans. “Burn It Up” was extremely well received achieving the
number 1 spot on both 5FM and Y-FM, staying on the Pop chart and Local Top 30 chart For
12 consecutive weeks. COPA Coca-Cola is an international grassroots youth football
tournament and a global celebration of football passion.
KLA has been part of the South African tour since 2018 and teamed up with DJ Fresh to
create the campaign theme song “Winner” and gave the winners of the talent competition a
chance to feature on the song. The song is about making everyone aware of their strengths
and the importance of building each other up. Winner soon became a hit outside of the tour
with over 400000 YouTube views. 2020 has been a challenging as we faced the COVID-19
pandemic, but this did not deter KLA from pursuing her dream when she decided to enter
Miss South Africa. The journey was challenging as the new normal of social distancing had
been implemented, leaving all processes to be conducted online through video submissions
and Zoom interviews. KLA’s proved to be strong contender making it through to the TOP 35.

Come watch us at our showcase:

South Africa Music Week

Thursday May 20th, 2021 @ 7:00PM
Sponsored by: South Africa Music Week

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, Centurion Gauteng
, South Africa



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