Jacob Dsouza

Since the age of 3, Jacob Dsouza has had a passion for music. It was passed down to him through his parent’s music school, Avalon Music Academy, in his hometown of Brantford, Ontario. At a young age he took a liking to guitar, drums, piano, and vocals. Eventually, around the age of 10, he channeled his abilities on these instruments into his own songs. Songwriting became Jacob’s emotional outlet. He spent hours writing and would constantly drop everything to write down an idea. During the pandemic, in an attempt to further his musical journey, Jacob began learning to produce music. Most days were spent writing and recording and learning new production techniques. Now, on the other end of the pandemic, Jacob frequently performs live in Southern Ontario. He continues to use his production skills to release songs on Spotify, Apple Music, and other streaming platforms. This includes 2 EPs: Nights in California, and Damage Done. As well as one full length album called “Melancholic Hysteria”.

Come watch us at our showcase:

Tuesday June 6th, 2023 @

CMW Showcase @ The Painted Lady

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Jacob Dsouza

, Ontario
, Canada


Jacob Dsouza
Lead Vocals, Guitar
Darren Dsouza
Rodney DeFreitas
Chris Riding
Bass Guitar
Bruce Hopkins

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