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At only fifteen years old, Isla-Maria is already turning heads thanks to her magnetic stage presence and positive approach to music. The multi-talented teenager has been honing her craft since she was only three years old, appearing in countless productions ranging from musical theatre to dance. She is a lover of R&B, pop, rock, hip-hop, and everything in between. While her story is just getting started, it is safe to say that the future holds big things for this exceptionally promising young woman.

Isla was born in the small town of Bracebridge in Ontario, Canada. Her father is a musician and her mother a designer. Growing up in a household that encouraged creativity, Isla-Maria’s talent is encouraged to blossom. Given her love of connecting with people, a career in music was almost inevitable for Isla-Maria.

Despite her young age, Isla-Maria has already developed her own distinctive style. She loves pushing boundaries, playing with different genres, and discovering new forms of expression. This adventurous approach has benefitted her tremendously, as she sings of love and heartbreak with the authenticity of an artist twice her age.

Isla had the opportunity to tour with the Boys of Summer Tour in the United States this past summer where she played in 6 major US cities at some amazing music venues. She also performed at Playlist Live in Orlando this past fall. In November 2022, Isla hosted a house concert where she sang and entertained 60 guests with a wide variety of originals and cover songs.

With 3 new original singles coming out in the next 2 months, Isla is excited to make her mark in the music industry.

Outside of music, Isla-Maria is dedicated to making the world a better place. She is a devoted environmentalist and a huge supporter of foster care. Whether it is through music or activism, Isla looks forward to using her voice to promote positive change for years to come.

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Isla-Maria Corbeil
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