Innes Wilson’s Freightliner

The trio hailing from Guelph Ontario return with another 5 song EP of americana rock & roll in 2023. Fronted by singer songwriter Innes Wilson and featuring R.P. McMurphy and Joshua Osmond. The band pull from their eclectic taste of music diving into the 70’s Alt Country and the 90’s americana which is sounds like a modern Blue Rodeo or a lofi Wilco. After surviving the pandemic, in 2022 they were able to perform in many venues across southern Ontario with their debut Self-Titled EP being played across Canadian college/community radio and on CBC radio 1.

Innes Wilson is a singer/songwriter who cut his teeth in the early 2000’s playing music with dear friend Adam Sturgeon (Status Non-Status, Ombiigizi). Innes has charted nationally across Canada reaching #1 on the !earshot folk charts in 2018. His previous solo releases are: Deference (2020), Part-time Cool (2021), The Heart That Holds This Up (2019) produced by Adam Warren (Waants), and Seaview EP (2018) featuring Status/Non-Status

Come watch us at our showcase:

Wednesday June 7th, 2023 @

CMW Showcase @ The Paddock Tavern

Band Information

Innes Wilson’s Freightliner

, Ontario
, Canada


Innes Wilson
Tenor Guitar, Vocals
R.P. Mc Murphy
Acoustic Guitar
Joshua Osmond
Drums and Percussion

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