Genres: Punk Rock

G.F.U. is a punk band from York Region that has taken the Ontario punk scene by storm in the last two years playing with such legendary bands as Forgotten Rebels, The Ripcordz and Random Killing to name a few and tearing up every stage they hit with their raw, exciting and authentic brand of punk rock clearly influenced by such bands as The Dead Boys, The Sex Pistols and Ramones. G.F.U. brings an energy and spirit that is infectious and makes everyone want to dance, sing and let loose.

This quartet features three lead singers and three writers which makes them, their sound, presentation and performances unique and unpredictable, captivating audiences everywhere they play.

The band features Canadian punk legend Matt “Groopie” Bergman on guitar and vocals who is known for his work with the award winning surfpunk band King Beez as well as the legendary Grammy nominated Los Angelas based punk band Green Jelly. On bass and vocals is Thomas Millband who is also know for his work with the ska punk band Tomcats. On drums is Dan Felushko formerly of the punk band Baby Oil and on vocals and hype man duties is Jeremy “Jayboe” Cibirka who gets the place rocking.

The band has just released their first EP entitled “Grand Slam” which features four new original songs and is available on Bandcamp and YouTube and id constantly touring extensively across Ontario and beyond.

Come watch us at our showcase:

Monday June 5th, 2023 @

CMW @ The Bovine

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, Ontario
, Canada


Matt Bergman
Guitar, vocals
Thomas Millband
bass, vocals
Daniel Felushko
Jeremy Cibirka

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