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With punk roots and power-pop sensibilities, alternative-rock band Family Man burst onto the scene in 2019. Their debut EP “What’s New” is a refined cacophony of experimental synths, deeply personal lyricism and punk enthusiasm, inspired by the turmoil of one of the members’ recent breakup. When asked to describe the album’s sound, the group defines it as the result of a lot of angry/sad songwriting and lyricism disguised by happy/upbeat melodies. With heart wrenching singles like the title track, What’s New and the softer but equally moving Should’ve Known Better drawing listeners in with the vulnerability of both Conner and Bryan’s vocal performances accompanied by the equally moving emotionality of the group’s instrumentalism, the band introduces themselves with their heart on their sleeves. Fearless and honest but never without humor. The album may be deeply cathartic in nature but the band still manages to play with the complex range of human emotionality, with songs like Bakery Moon coming into the mix to alleviate some of the heaviness. With the deceivingly playful title and upbeat melody, it’s easy to forget the witty and poignant lyricism at its heart. But that duality is what sets Family Man apart, allowing them to make the perfect breakup record ; honest, painful but ultimately hopeful.

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