Dr Vena

Dr. Vena is a hard rock 4-piece from Santiago, Chile. Someone once described us as “a refreshing IPA in a fancy cocktail bar” – and let’s just say, they’re right.

Founded in 2009, we are a guitar-driven rock n roll band with 70s, 80s and 90s influences. Thick riffs and prominent vocals make up our sound, and we are firmly rooted in the present to add modern touches and propel our music into the 2020s.

Image-, music- and personality-wise, we avoid “artiste” or “muso” types. We don’t dress fancy. We don’t use makeup. We are about music and attitude.

Lyrically, we cover everything from social issues to the perils of love, with a strong “truth seeker” PoV underpinning it all. Live, we put on a tight, loud, in-your-face live show so you can go home with a smile at the end of the night.

Sometimes this means a couple of ruptured eardrums in the audience but, hey, that’s rock n roll.

We have three full-length albums (Bravado, our most recent work from 2019, was self-produced) and five international tours under our belt (twice to Canada!). Other achievements also include:

2013: Only Latin American band selected to perform at the CBGB Fest in New York
2014: Live show at the local version of Lollapalooza
2014: Altazor award nomination for our single Turbio, off our second album Dread Covenant, which addresses political corruption
2015: Second US tour (YouBloom Music Festival – North East LA / Pasadena)
2016: First visit to Toronto for the Canadian Music Festival, followed by performances at local venues
2017: Heart of Texas Rockfest festival (those guys REALLY know how to rock)
2017: Second appearance at Lollapalooza Chile
2018: Second visit to Toronto (CMW festival)
2020: Virtual appearance at the Seattle Hempfest Festival

As many other bands, we were affected by the civil unrest that hit Chile at the end of 2020. The impact on the local music industry was severe. And just as things were starting to improve, the pandemic hit.

This wiped out precious opportunities that were lined up to share our music with new fans & audiences from around the world.

But no pandemic can stop rock n roll. That’s why we are excited and grateful to apply to the 2021 CMW edition, and see our Canadian friends again -virtually or otherwise. Dr Vena is looking forward to hearing from you.

As we say here in Chile: ¡Vamos!

– Juan Carlos Silva (vocals, guitars)
– Felipe Claps (drums)
– Josué Brito (bass, backing vocals)
– Renzo Dasso (guitars, backing vocals)

Come watch us at our showcase:

Uptown Stage

Friday May 21st, 2021 @ 7:00PM
Sponsored by: CMW

Band Information

Dr Vena

, Region Metropolitana
, Chile


Juan Silva
Guitar, vocals
Renzo Dasso
Felipe Claps
Josue Brito

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