Cold Weather Captains

A pack-a-punch machine, Cold Weather Captains catches you off guard with every original song. They keep the audience dancing on their toes, never knowing what’s coming next. Their ability to change up musical styles at a whim and execute is what sets CWC apart from most other local bands. What started as a unique instrumental trio back in 2018 featuring Bradley Scott (lead guitar), Erik Meechem (rhythm guitar) and Kevin Penny (drums) has quickly morphed into a completely new experience. Since the release of their 2021 EP, City Limits, CWC has been serving a fresh brew of original tunes with new power-house additions to their lineup – magic man and lead singer, Justin Di Donato, and high-kicking bassist, Christina Dare. This group puts on a show that all music lovers can connect with…there’s a little something for everyone and a guaranteed groove to move you. Pieces are falling into place and the foundation is set for an upcoming album in 2023.

Band Information

Cold Weather Captains

, Ontario
, Canada


Erik Meechem
Rhythm rhythm/Keys
Bradley Scott
Lead guitar
Kevin Penny
Christina Dare
Justin Di Donato
Lead vocals

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Christina Dare

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